Season’s Greetings from CYBERCAST.

We hope that 2019 brings you joy, prosperity and improved e-mail security. In that spirit, here are a few updates to consider as you sharpen your e-mail security strategy in the New Year.


Fight the Phish with Themis, Our AI-Powered Virtual Security Analyst

Powered by unique machine learning algorithms and AI, Themis is constantly fed input from hundreds of thousands of verdicts conducted by human security experts located around the world, virtually grouped by our threat intelligence-sharing module, Federation. By mimicking security analyst's decision-making criteria in real-time, Themis automatically makes decisions on the information it collects, prompts remediation without significant IT input and can confidently predict the legitimacy of any suspicious message with 90% confidence. Read more about it here.


Never Miss an Alert with the First Fully Mobile Compatible Anti-Phishing Solution 

IRONSCALES continues to lead the email security industry in innovation, this time with a new mobile interface, Android app and (coming soon) iPhone app to ensure companies never miss an alert or attack. Real-time push notifications and incident reports allow you to resolve incidents anytime, anywhere.Ready to see IRONSCALES in action? Schedule a demo to see the benefits of our advanced phishing threat protection platform – before the phish get their way and put your employees' personal information and your clients’ data at risk.


IronSchool + NINJIO = Better Phishing Awareness Training 

The new IronSchool partnership with security-awareness training leader NINJIO ensures that our users have access to even more premium content during training sessions. That includes highly-realistic videos representing numerous phishing scenarios designed to educate and engage viewers in training simulations. Every episode is written by Bill Haynes, a member of the Writer’s Guild of America, and writer for CSI:NY and Hawaii 5-0. Read more here.


IronShield: Keep Zero-Day Attacks at Bay

Complementing IronSights, our advanced mailbox-level anomaly detection module, IronShield will help organizations defend against zero-day malware and phishing websites, safeguarding users by continuously scanning all inbound emails. IronShield uses a unique approach of selective scanning, orchestration & integration capabilities, allowing for continuous inbound protection from more advanced threats. Click here to learn more.

Top Innovation Award

IRONSCALES Advanced Phishing Threat Protection Platform Named Top Innovation in Spear Phishing Market Recognition from the global market research and consulting firm Markets&Markets. It is the world's first automated phishing prevention detection and response platform.

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