Targeted eMail Phishing Attacks - Defence Challenges:

  • Targeted phishing attacks are bypassing Secure Email Gateways/Spam filters and going undetected for weeks and sometimes months with typical anti phishing premail phishing programs

  • Employees lack the skills and tools to detect phishing or ransomware emails. Awareness & training is simply not enough because some people still click on well crafted or intriguing phishing emails, are easily distracted, and some people just never learn.

  • Manual post spam-filter detection times are slow. So malicious emails are sitting in employees inboxes for too long, because security teams are overburdened with hundreds of daily reported security events, this is very dangerous in ransomware situations.

  • A lack of real-time phishing intelligence sharing between companies is putting them consistently on defense.

  • In most cases existing email phishing solutions and incident response are not well integrated & orchestrated within the Cyber security stack, as a result the threat will not be completely removed from the entire network and endpoints automatically so, how do you get the best anti phishing available? with automated phishing detection and ransomware prevention, with built-in intelligence, that integrates and orchestrates with your existing systems and reduces the need for more security pros—all at a price within reach? Perhaps you should consider…IRONSCALES

Let’s look at each of these points in greater detail;

1. The BEST Detection and Prevention for anti phishing available

  • InMail Alerts. Advanced InMail visual phishing alerts (including recipient, rating and possible impersonation) to help users to report sophisticated and targeted phishing and ransomware attacks in real-time. Provides employees with their very own virtual Security Analyst assisting them to spot and report suspicious emails.

  • Sender Reputation Scoring. Uses deep email scans to check the credibility of the email sender’s reputation. Helps you know if the sender can be trusted based on prior correspondents preventing ransomware intrusion.

  • Inbox Behavioural Analysis. Analyzes the individual employees’ email to discover any anomalies between their past and present communications which further helps refine the potential phishing score.

  • Similarity Checks. Uses machine learning algorithms to cross-reference suspicious attempts by hackers to manipulate and reuse phishing emails that bypass spam filters or to hide their identity using common impersonation and spoofing tactics. Prevents repeat phishing attacks, “CEO", "BEC” fraud and impersonation attempts.

  • Real-Time Email Scanning. Scans email in real-time for known and ongoing threats and automatically blocks it.

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2. Best Automated Forensics for anti phishing, bar none

  • Scanning. Uses Virus Total multi AV Engines and Google Safe browsing to detect against known malicious actors

  • Attachments Scanning. All detected or reported phishing and ransomware emails are scanned automatically for malicious attachments using Virus Totals’ Multi AV Engines and Check Points’ SandBlast and immediately quarantined if found to contain anything malicious.

  • Affected Mailboxes Real-Time Report. Provides a comprehensive forensic analysis and unified view of the affected mailboxes, allowing your security team to review the status of the potential phishing or ransomware attack and intervene if necessary with a single mouse click.

  • Spam Analysis. The anti phishing software clusters similar reported spam emails as one single entry so users and security members can tag the entries as spam, removing the amount of “noise” from the dashboard reports—so the teams can spend more time on legitimate problems.

  • Email Clustering. Uses patented algorithms to cluster and find similarities in phishing emails to create a repository of phishing patterns, preventing the same or similar types of attacks from infiltrating IRONSCALES’ detection

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3. Best Automated Incidence Response for anti-phishing

  • Automated Forensics. Scans reported emails, links, and attachments, using multiple anti-virus, sandbox and deep scanning engines at the click of a button.

  • Automated Mitigation. Any suspicious emails reported or detected will automatically notify end users inside their email client and security teams inside the IRONSCALES’ anti phishing dashboard.

  • Automated Remediation. A fully automated quarantine occurs enterprise-wide if a phishing or ransomware email is verified as malicious, removing the harmful email away from employees neutralizing the threat.

  • Automated Server-Side Remediation. With no plugin to install, IronTraps can proactively remediate inboxes on Microsoft exchange and Gmail servers in real-time and on any device that can manage emails, enabling unprecedented phishing and ransomware prevention that does not rely on users being logged in or online.

  • Intelligent Spam Handling. The system provides classification between Spam, false positives and phishing emails, which makes it easier to deal with actual threats.

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4. Best Intelligence for anti phishing

  • Real-Time Intelligence Sharing. Shares verified “zero day” phishing attacks between organizations in real-time—ensuring everyone who subscribes to the Federation network is automatically defended immediately.

  • Automated Execution. All verified phishing and ransomware attacks are automatically sent to IronTraps for remediation. This saves time to review and helps keeps users safe from ransomware

  • Human Verified Intelligence. All attacks are verified by security teams in order to provide the highest level of verification while reducing the number of false positives.

  • Crowd Sourced Intelligence. IRONSCALES’ anti phishing users provide the intelligence being shared, insuring the level of intelligence is up to date, relevant and in real-time rather than using outdated and external feeds

  • Cross-Organization Sharing. Intelligence is shared among IRONSCALES companies anonymously world-wide with an add-on module called Federation, creating an ever growing community of breach detectors to proactively defend against zero-day phishing attacks.

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5. Best Orchestration for anti phishing anywhere

  • Automated Workflow Triggering. When a new attack is detected IRONSCALES is working with other network and endpoints’ automated forensics and workflow managers to make sure the attack is contained on all levels within the network.awareness training

  • Network configuration. All intelligence and verified phishing reports are delivered to the SOC and SIEM allowing for greater control and incident response capabilities.

  • End-point detection and forensics. When a new attack is detected on any endpoint the ability to perform fast, targeted investigations across thousands of endpoints is critical when trying to prevent ransomware attacks.

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